When power looks, Talks, walks and acts The same way it always has, we start changing things Just by showing up.

No we don't match the dusty portraits that hang in public office.

But we’re not here to decorate walls. We're here to get things done. And we don't mean business as usual.

We listen as much as we talk. We know that sensitivity is a strength. And we couldn't care less about your handshake.

This is power of a different kind.
And it’s been here all along.
In the background hum that keeps our country running.
Deep within our businesses, our communities, and our families.

Now it’s time to bring it to the front.

Because the more we show up In the halls of power, the faster we all get to equality.

We're ready for a new era in leadership

Australia is ready for power like you've never seen
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Women for election’s mission is to inspire women, of all backgrounds and lived experience, to stand for public office, equip them to get elected – and support them to thrive once they’re there.

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A global champion for women and girls, UN Women is the United Nations entity responsible for promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.